Geritol Tonic 12oz

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When it comes to maintaining healthy energy levels, both B-vitamins and iron are the nutrients to consider. Geritol Liquid is a liquid supplement that provides you with energy support through a unique combination of:
  • HIGH POTENCY B-VITAMINS: B1, B2, Niacin, B6 & Pantothenic Acid
  • IRON
IRON + B-VITAMINS WHEN YOU NEED A BOOST Don’t reach for another cup of coffee or a caffeinated soda when your energy levels are lagging. It may be that your body is yearning to be replenished with the essential nutrients in the Geritol Liquid formula. B-vitamins aid in your body’s metabolism process, turning food into fuel.  And iron is necessary in your blood to help move oxygen throughout your body.  Sometimes your body needs a little extra.
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